Are you a veterinary woman? How can I best help you today?

So who is Dr. Jenny?


Are you a woman in the veterinary profession? Did you enter this field full of excitement, only to discover after awhile (months, years?) that it was’t what you had expected? Sure, you might still love the animals and the medicine, but now, are you tired and burned out? Dreading the alarm clock every morning? Maybe even dreaming of being a barista on the beach???

Are you ready to start enjoying your life again? To have those things you daydream about? Whether it’s more time with your kids or to travel, maybe it’s more freedom and flexibility in your schedule?

Dr. Jenny always wanted to be a veterinarian. So imagine her surprise when she found herself a few years into her career – hating life, hating her job, and debating every single day about whether it was worth continuing.

Unfortunately Dr. Jenny isn’t the only veterinary professional who has felt this way! Awareness is increasing about the emotional hardship of being a veterinarian or other health care professional. People are waking up to the fact that the depression rate in these fields is unacceptably high.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. And it’s not just about finding a new job. Dr. Jenny has been there. She went from extremely depressed and struggling big time in the field, to turning it around and being able to build the life she always wanted! Now, she’s passionate about helping other health care and veterinary professionals do the same. She wants to help you re-find your happy and create your dream life!

(You can read more about Dr. Jenny here.)