I read a lot. That has been my thing since I was a kid. Last year, I did a roundup of my favorite books that I had read during the course of the year, and I got enough responses that I decided to do it again this year. As usual, mostly non-fiction that made an impact on my life, since 90% of what I read nowadays in personal development and business. 🙂

Dodging Energy Vampires

This book was amazing. It literally changed my life. I’ve talked before about how I grew up with a narcissist in the family. Back when I was a kid, that term was recognized by mental health professionals (who described it to me and my brothers), but no one I talked to regularly knew what it was. That’s changed today. However, I hadn’t heard the term “energy vampire” before this book. Just the beginning of the book, and I was like “Oh my goodness, that explains soooo much!” Energy vampires are people in your life who suck all the energy out. And they’re a real thing. From personal experience, I can tell you that life suddenly gets so much lighter, better, and free when those people are out of your life. (And if anyone wants a copy of this, send me a DM. I’ve got a copy that has highlighting in about 2 places that I would happily send along as I ended up buying a couple versions.)

The Miracle Morning

I have always been an early riser, but after reading this book, I completely changed around my mornings. I was a competitive swimmer for years, early rising is now built into me. However, I used to wake up and then just stay in bed tossing and turning, or I’d wake up but play around until it was time to go to work. This book got me waking up even earlier (I’m up at 5 almost every day!) and being very intentional about how I spend my time. And that has made me more productive, more successful, and helped me achieve my goals and dreams even faster! (I did a facebook live talking about this, you can find it here…).

You Are A Badass At Making Money

Jen Sincero’s other book “You Are A Badass” is one that I’ve actually read a couple of times. Well, this one is now my favorite. Of course, I love money, and I really love books that look at money in a positive light (as in, the more you make, the more experiences you can have AND the more people you can help!). I actually listened to the Audible version first. She reads it herself, and she is hilarious. But then I liked it so much I bought it to read as well. I like highlighting passages that I can refer back to when needed (which I do on a regular basis). However, if you’ve ever struggled with how you look at money, if you’re frustrated with the state of money in your life, this one is definitely worth reading!

Getting to Hell Yes

This one is written by a friend of mine. It’s very short and sweet, but well worth the read. For many years, my husband and I have struggled to communicate about certain issues just because my brain works on one planet and his works on another. This book provides a framework for having those conversations in a way that allows both people to be heard, their hopes and their concerns. It definitely changed the way I communicate with him, but also with my staff, my friends, and my family!

The Great Pain Deception

So… I hesitate to send this when all of you are also medical types. 🙂 But this book is another that had a dramatic impact on me. I blew out my back and ended up in the emergency room for the first time when I was 20. I tried a chiropractor when I was 22, and he ended up messing up my back worse than it had been, I wasn’t comfortable for MONTHS. A few more times back in the ER, and then when I was pregnant at 29, I finally tried another chiropractor, and found huge relief. However, in the subsequent 6 years, I’ve never been able to stop going. Yoga makes a HUGE difference, stretching helps, chiro and acupuncture help. But it still is always iffy. An I knew that when I get stressed, it hurts worse. Reading this book, it was a lightbulb going off in my head. Yes, I still have work to do, and yes, I still do yoga all the time. But looking at the causes discussed in this book, I’ve made more progress in the last 6 months than I have in 15 years.

And finally… The Sookie Stackhouse Books.

As usual, I have to include at least one fiction. And I know I’m late to the game, but I finally read these this year. Actually, I tried them several years ago and couldn’t get into them or the TV show, but this year, I got sucked in! Read all of them straight through. I don’t think I talked to my husband for about 3 weeks while I was devouring all of them. Oops. Luckily he knows I’ll always come back up for air at some point…


What books did you read this year that you loved or that had an impact on you?


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