veterinary opportunitiesToday, we’re going to talk about opportunities. Veterinary opportunities, maybe, but definitely life opportunities.


As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a hotel room just off the coast in Laguna Beach, CA. I wish I could say I can hear the ocean out my windows, but the truth is that even though my windows face the beach, all I can hear is the pounding rain.


That’s right. Rain. Pouring dumping rain.

I come to California to escape the Utah winters. It’s dumping snow at home today (2 feet in 24 hours!), and I’m supposed to be on a sunny beach!


Well, okay, that’s not entirely accurate anyway.


I come to California because this is where so many of my mentors live, and where so many conferences and retreats are held.


I’m at a conference for 3 days in Laguna Beach, then I’m going up to Santa Barbara for 3 days to a private retreat with my personal coach.


Over two years ago now, my first retreat completely changed the course of my life.


I’ve told this story before, but I had picked up a book by Barbara Stanny. To get some free handouts that went with the book, you had to enter your email and opt-in to her email list.


Some period of time later, I got an email about a “Women’s Wealth Weekend.”


Literally without thinking about it, I bought a ticket.


I have no idea what prompted me to buy that ticket. I had never attended something like that. I had actually never even attended something that didn’t have to do with veterinary medicine.


But as I sat on my couch that night, I was feeling miserable and trapped, and I was desperate for something different.


So I pushed “Purchase.”


And everything changed.


That retreat is where I came up with the idea that I wanted to change the veterinary field. I realized at that retreat how transformational events like that can be, and I knew I wanted to hold events for veterinary women.


I also met the woman who is now my coach at that event. We hung out over the course of that couple days, and I later started signing up for her programs. She is who I’m going to see in Santa Barbara.


Now, I sit here two years later. I’m coaching veterinary women to end burnout, find work-life balance, and have more money, fun, and freedom.


I’m planning the first of (hopefully) many Happy Vet Retreats.


And I’m listening to the rain outside my window as I’m on the beach in California. It’s peaceful. I’m working in my yoga pants. And I’m changing the lives of other people (which, by the way, also transforms my own life every single day as well!).


And none of this would have happened if I hadn’t first clicked “Purchase.”


If I had said no to an opportunity that could change my life. If I hadn’t listened to my gut saying “You need to go to this.”


And I’ll admit, there are many times I haven’t listened to that nudging. I often wonder where I’d be if I had.


But that time? That time I listened. And it changed everything.


What can you say “yes” to today? What opportunity can you seize that could change the course of your life?

PS. Know someone who you would like to read this article? Feel free to forward it! Thank you for helping me make a change in the health care fields!


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