goal setting


This is our month of goal setting. At the end of the month, we’ll be doing a workshop in our Facebook group– are you joining us?


So often when we decide that we’re ready to change our lives, to become unstuck, and to achieve our goals… nothing happens.


Why is that?


Last month we talked a lot about the fact that being stuck is often the result of having fears that we haven’t dealt with.


Fear of success, fear of failure. Fear of being seen, fear of judgement.


But, fears aren’t the only problem. They directly relate to what we’re going to talk about today, however.


And that’s the fear of being wrong. Of making the wrong decision.


So we don’t make any decision at all.


Let me tell you a story.


Back in 2016, I had made the decision that I no longer wanted to work my own practice. I was trapped, I was miserable.


But what was I supposed to do next? How was I supposed to remove myself from my practice? What did I want to do with my life instead?


Well, I did know that I wanted to start an online business. But not what type of online business.


So I spent money, attended conferences, and spent a lot of time trying to figure out the answer to that question.


And guess what?


Still, nothing happened. Months passed, and I was no closer to where I wanted to be.


I decided to take a chiropractic course. I was already certified in acupuncture and using Chinese herbs. Maybe if I took that course as well, it would change how I felt about my career.


So I signed up.


The course happened to be in Chicago. On one of the trips, I had a hell of a time getting home.


This is while I was still living in rural Montana. My flight was supposed to go from Chicago to Minneapolis to Montana. I’d get home late that night.


Instead, I went from Chicago to Minneapolis… then missed a flight due to late planes so they sent me to Detroit… then I was sent off to Salt Lake City where I had to spend the night.


Because I was in SLC, I spent the night at my mom’s house in Park City. We woke up the next morning and played in town for a bit before I caught the plane that finally took me home.


And I fell in love with Park City.


It was an instantaneous feeling of “home.”


I had spent time in Park City before. In 2014, we’d lived only 20 minutes away.


But I hadn’t been in a good mental place at that time. I wasn’t at this time either, but it was a very different mental place.


And I knew, that day, that I wanted to move.


The “how” wasn’t important. I still didn’t know what kind of business I wanted to start, or what the hell I would do with my clinic.


But I knew I wanted to move.


The decision had been made.


And you know what happened then?


I found an associate who took over my practice. And then I found another so I wouldn’t have to drive back every other week like I had originally planned (it’s an 8 hour drive every time I go up there).


My mom owned a second house that she said we could rent while we figured out next steps, except that she had tenants. Well, they moved out so the house was vacant days before we moved.


My husband’s old boss asked if he wanted to come back for another season, so he had an automatic job.


And within a month of us moving, I was approached by an old classmate about doing relief work for one of the corporates, so suddenly I had as much relief work as I wanted to pay the bills while we were figuring out next steps.


Every single piece fell into place.


But first, I had to make the decision.


The steps couldn’t show up, the pieces couldn’t fall in, until I had decided.


So the decision is the first step. It’s saying “this is the path, however that’s going to happen, and I’m ignoring all other potential paths.”


You can deal with the fears, you can dream all you want.


But until you decide which path you’re going to take, you’re going to stay in limbo.


It’s up to you.


What decision have you been putting off? How can you change that today?

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