possibilitiesHow many times per day do you tell yourself something isn’t possible? Are you closing yourself down to possibilities?


Maybe it’s something small like finding time to take that soothing salt bath in the evenings. Or maybe it’s something bigger like being able to make enough money to pay your student loans, outside of the vet field.


How often have you decided something is impossible before you’ve tried, or you’ve decided just because that’s what you’ve been told?


How often have you decided because you just don’t SEE how it’s possible?


This is such a common pattern in our society. We have decided something is not possible for various reasons, and therefore we are closed down to any ways that it might possibly happen.


I’ll give you one example. 


Several times over the course of my coaching career, I have had conversations with clients who tell me that they cannot possibly leave the veterinary field because they won’t be able to make enough money to pay their student loans.


I thought so once too. And I will tell you that while that belief was in my head, I felt extremely trapped. I was burned out, I was depressed, and I felt like there was no way out because I had to be able to pay those loans. I had to be able to make a certain amount of money.


But, if we have already decided that something is not possible, then our brain is literally INCAPABLE of seeing possible solutions that would prove otherwise.


Seriously, if you decided with 100% conviction that the sky was green, then you wouldn’t even be able to see or recognize evidence to the contrary.


That’s how powerful our brains can be, for better or for worse.


So, what would happen if you decided with 100% conviction that whatever you wanted WAS possible? Even if you couldn’t see the path quite yet.


What if, instead of saying “That isn’t possible,” you asked yourself “How could that be possible?”


Once I started asking myself that question, the path started appearing. I went from working as a solo practitioner 5 days a week, burned out and exhausted, to outsourcing myself. I found the money to step out of practice for a few months. When I ended up coming back (because it turns out I do love practicing, on my owner terms), I found a way to make more money than I’d been making previously, in fewer days. 


But this also applied to our living situations. Several times over the past few years, we’ve wanted to move for various reasons (including to a new state). As soon as we made the decision that it was going to happen, and started asking “how could we make it happen,” we found the perfect house, the right lease, the perfect timing.


When you say “it’s not possible,” you shut your brain down. It’s incapable of trying to find solutions because you’ve decided there aren’t any. But by leaving the question open, asking “how can I make this happen,” you’re allowing your brain to start searching for answers. You’ll be able to start seeing those steps. The paths will start to appear.


It’s a reframe that can completely change your life. It’s how mine started to move exactly in the direction I wanted to go, and it has worked for many of my clients. It can work for you too.


But first, you have to catch those areas in your life where you’ve been thinking there is no other solution. And then, you have to ask yourself “how.” 


Take a look at your life today. Is there something that you’ve been wanting that you had decided was not possible? Can you start to ask a different question today?

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