release negativitySo I have a question to ask you.


Is there something in your life that is not serving you, something that is causing you stress or unhappiness, but you’re holding onto it anyway?


Whether it’s because of societal expectations or family obligations? Or maybe you’re just too stubborn to want to admit that it isn’t aligned with you anymore?

I’ve been there.


And I’ll tell you something.


Not only does it sometimes feel like there’s a million things at once that need to be released, and it often all happens at the same time (it can be a rollercoaster, be forewarned), but it also feels amazingly free on the other side.


This year was an incredible year of change for me.


First, we moved out of a house that we absolutely loved, in a location that was perfect for us. Unfortunately, there was drama with the landlord, and despite trying for months (it was a family member, so there was that obligation too), we finally decided we’d had enough. So we moved from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom (TINY) apartment that had no lease and allowed 5 animals.


And you know what? 


It felt amazing! Finally having that sense of peace around where we lived again, it was absolutely worth it. And it has meant that we had the time and space to figure out where we want to live, our next steps.


We fought that change forever, and we should have done it months earlier.


Then, a month later, I closed down my brick and mortar practice. I had owned it for 4.5 years, but it was no longer serving me. In reality, it was causing immense amounts of stress, but I just kept working with it. Trying to make it fit back into my life, trying to pretend I loved owning a practice!


But when I felt that depression start to creep back in, I made a decision. I knew I couldn’t keep going, so I closed. 


Again, the feeling of relief was immense.


Just recently I closed another business as well. A business that I had also been trying to keep for the last two years. A business that in theory made me money, but was a constant stress. It was no longer fun, it no longer felt aligned with who I am.


And it felt amazing to finally admit I was done.


Now, not all changes have to be that big, right? 


I also finally gave up the need to clean my own house. I grew up in a family where we do everything ourselves. “Don’t waste money on things that you can do yourself!”


Never mind the fact that my time is limited and housekeepers are expensive! Right?

Wrong. You know how much a housecleaner cost me when I finally looked?

$30-50 per week.




And now my house is clean and relaxing again.


So, here’s my question for you.


What idea or thing or habit have you been holding onto that is no longer serving you? That is no longer aligned with the person you WANT to be?

What have you been holding onto, whatever the reason might be, that it is now time to release?


What is the worst that can happen if you release it?

Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to take that step?


You can make that decision. This is about you, no one else. And you are worth it.

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