limiting beliefsLet’s talk about a limiting belief, and how it might be affecting your entire life!

I spent this last week in California with my mastermind and mentor. And, as usual, when I go to those live events, I have so many epiphanies.

Epiphanies about things that I want to do with my businesses. Epiphanies about things that have been holding me back. Epiphanies that I want to share with you!

Have you ever heard of a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is a belief that we believe about something, a belief that isn’t necessarily true but that is absolutely holding us back from bigger and better things.

For example, one that I commonly hear in the veterinary field is “I can’t make more money because I’m a vet.” 

Another example that I grew up with, “Well, I can’t be thin and healthy because that’s not how I’m built, my family is short and fat, and so am I!” (The side of my family that I take after the most- well, they are all short. That IS a fact. But that doesn’t have to have any impact on their weight, as we logically know, right?)

The thing about these beliefs is that they’re JUST BELIEFS. Which means they, by definition, AREN’T FACTS.

And yet we treat them as such.

Another one that I had, “Well, I own a clinic, so I’m stuck until I’ve sold it,” and then the added excuse/belief, “and I can’t sell it yet because I haven’t owned it long enough, so therefore I’m stuck.”

Another common example that I hear, “Well, my boss is not doing anything about xyz, so that means I just have to live with it.” 

Do you see the pattern? Do you have any of these beliefs that you’ve been telling yourself?

I encourage you to think about this. Because the reality is that we ALL have these beliefs. In fact, most of the way we look at life is colored by the lenses of our beliefs. Even people who have been doing this work for years will still uncover new levels of these beliefs (including me this last week!). 

Here’s the thing. These things that we believe? They are literally BELIEFS. They are not FACTS. 

However, if we choose to look at them as facts, then we allow them to limit the directions we can go. We allow them to limit what is possible for us. (Hint: As my mentor made sure to point out to us, notice how the word “belief” actually has the word “lie” in it? We don’t have to choose to believe those beliefs!)

What if we could look at all of our thought processes, all the things that we’re dwelling on or experiencing frustration about, and realize they weren’t even necessarily true? That we’re just making them true?

What if I could look at my body and realize that yes, it actually IS capable of being thin and healthy? (Work in progress, ya know?)

What if we could realize that yes, even though we’re in the field, we actually CAN make more money? Can you think of at least one person who is doing so?

What if we realize that we actually DO have a lot of control, if we just choose to look at the situation from a different angle?

This is the work. This is the stuff that can make such a huge difference in your life. This is the stuff that can take you from feeling stuck, trapped, burned out and exhausted, to once again feeling excited to jump out of bed for the day.

So, what are your limiting beliefs? What have you come up with, and more importantly, how can you start to reframe them?