One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned was, “You don’t need to know HOW to get what you want, today. You only need to know WHAT you want.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. This was an extremely hard lesson for me to learn and truly absorb. I’m a vet, I’m the daughter of an electrical engineer and a computer scientist. I was raised on the intricate details of how everything worked (although that actually really doesn’t work with my brain, but that’s a conversation for a different day).

So trying to understand the concept that I only needed to know the WHAT, not the HOW?

I struggled.

But here’s the thing.

All the people who said that to me? They were 100% correct.

I’ll give you two specific examples.

Back in the early months of 2017, I was living in Montana. I was still a solo doctor at practice, and I was miserable. I was in the middle of chiropractic certification out in Chicago (one of many attempts to enjoy my career more again, since I was “stuck”). That particular trip, in March 2017, my flights home all got delayed.

I got stranded overnight in Salt Lake City.

Now, my mom lived just over the mountains in Park City, which I already knew was one of my favorite cities. But as we were driving around that next morning, drinking our coffee and looking at the gorgeous mountain houses, it struck me that I wanted to be living there. More than ANYTHING, I wanted to move to Park City. I texted my husband right then and said “I don’t know how, but we’re moving to Park City.”

Amazing guy that he is, he simply replied “Awesome, let’s do it.”

Now, I had no idea how this was going to happen. I owned a solo doctor practice in the middle of nowhere Montana.

But I was determined.

Less than a month later, I had been approached by a veterinarian who wanted to work for me, basically take over my practice. The original plan was for me to do mobile up in that area, but then it occurred to me one day that I could just relocate. A second vet came around, and within the next few months I had outsourced myself from my practice.

Now, maybe this was luck. But I don’t particularly believe in luck. I do 100% believe that once a decision is made, the pieces can fall into place.

The second example has been this last month.

For the last seven months, we’d been living in Salt Lake City but we were ready to move out of our tiny apartment. We were looking for houses in the valley, and not finding anything that we liked, no matter the price range.

On a whim, we decided to look back in Park City since ultimately our goal was to get back up there anyway. We didn’t necessarily know how or when, but we knew we wanted it to happen.

As soon as we made the decision to look back up there, things fell into place. Through a series of events, a guy reached out to ME. He offered me a house, said it was available in a week. My husband went and looked, said it was perfect.

Once again, as soon as we made the decision, the path appeared.

Here’s the thing.

Yes, this could be a series of coincidences. Except it’s not.

I could recite multiple more examples in my own life, as well as in the lives of my friends and clients, where a decision was made without knowing how it could come about, and the path then appeared.

The possibilities are endless. And they’re all out there waiting for you, but you have to decide first. Decide what you want, and truly mean it.

And it’s okay if you don’t know how it could possibly happen. As my mentor says, “F the how for now.”

So what is it that you really want? Even if you haven’t let yourself admit it before now, what is it that you truly want in your life? Whether it’s a living situation, a job situation, whatever.

What do you really want?

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