I swore I’d never have a chihuahua. I swore I’d never move back to Utah after I left at 18, and again when we left in 2014. I swore I wouldn’t go back into practice when I stopped at the beginning of 2018. I swore I’d never be an associate again. I swore I’d never get married young.

I swore my house would never be covered in kid toys. I swore I would never spend time getting my nails done (because it was a waste of time and money). I swore I would never sign another long term lease. I swore I would never settle down anywhere again.

Guess what?

Every single one of things things happened, after I swore they wouldn’t.

Casey is predominantly chihuahua, and she’s the perfect dog for my kids.

I moved back to Utah (for the second time) in 2017, and now have no intentions of leaving.

I only stayed out of practice for 2 months before I missed it and went back… on my own terms.

I signed a contract as an associate… but for more pay than every on fewer days per week, because it actually allows me MORE flexibility!

I got married at 23, and while some days I’ve wondered why I did that, we’re still married and going strong 12.5 years later.

My house is regularly covered in blanket forts and elaborate train track designs.

I get my nails done every 2 weeks, just because I want to (and because it helps me not shred them to the point they get infected).

I just signed a long term lease, but it’s the perfect house in our dream city.

We still may never settle down, or we might. Who knows, our options are open.

The point is this.

You never know where life is going to lead. You don’t always know what you will end up needing or doing.

But if you’re not open to it? Then you might miss out.

I’d have missed out on a great dog. I’d have missed out on an amazing man. I’d have missed out on the life we really wanted to live if I had refused to move back. I’d have missed out on fun with my kids, the adventure that comes from navigating constantly changing blanket forts!

What are you missing out on? Are there things that you’ve been wanting, but you’re missing the way for them to happen because you’re closed to the path that would lead you there?

What would be possible if you were open to anything? If anything was possible, even if the path seems counterintuitive. What you listened to those nudges, even if you don’t understand WHY that nudge is appearing?

Anything could happen.

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