~~~ Testimonials ~~~

I’ve worked with Dr. Jenny in clinics several times over the last couple of years. When I hit a crossroads in my life and was debating a couple of different directions, I turned to her for guidance and support. Through our conversation, she helped me gain some clarity towards my next steps, and as a result, I’m now in a new situation and loving every minute!

Dr. KP


I have known Jenny for many years and have found her to be a loving and patient person who truly wants to help those around her.  Jenny is skilled at listening to the problem in a non-judgmental manner and looking for solutions based on the strengths of the person.  She is a veterinarian who believes in looking at the whole person (or animal!) and helping identify ideas and solutions that are right for the person, rather than suggesting generic solutions not targeted to a specific individual.  Jenny is easy-going, down to earth, easy to talk to, and genuine.  She makes you feel safe and comfortable which makes it easy to open up to her.  I know anyone who works with Jenny would come out feeling better on the other end!


School Counselor

I have known Jenny for many years, since we first started working together at a large referral and emergency hospital. I was one of the technicians (although my real job is a radiology technician in the human hospital!). She is an awesome person to work with- she’s patient, she keeps her cool, and she explains things in ways that clients are easily able to understand. This has extended into her coaching business. Every time I’m frustrated with my job or considering switching paths, she’s one of the first people I want to talk to for brainstorming and bouncing ideas around.


Radiologic Technologist

I worked with Dr. Jenny in her mastermind program. In just 8 weeks, I was amazing at the difference I felt. My depression was waning. When I had started, I had no idea what direction to head. By the end of the 8 weeks, I was still figuring out details but I was so much more CONFIDENT that I could find my place and not make the wrong decision, and I was actually having fun with the process! Additionally, her course is amazing, I wish I had learned that material in vet school!

Dr. LC


I originally hired Dr. Jenny as a coach simply because I was desperate for a change. I wasn’t sure if coaching was the right option, but I had to do something.

Within the first couple of calls, I was feeling so much better. Dr. Jenny was great at helping me see where my own stories were holding me back (things like thinking I couldn’t be happy in my current job), and through our sessions I was able to gain so much clarity into what I truly wanted, what was truly important, and how to get there. I didn’t even end up changing jobs, but my entire direction turned around and I was able to be so much happier with where I was!

And most importantly, I’m now also excited about what’s coming! I’m happy where I am while I’m still making plans for the next steps of my journey!

Dr. KL


When I talked to Dr. Jenny about joining her program, she said something to me that changed everything. She reminded me that I am in control of my life, that I am CHOOSING to stay in my job right now. Just that one simple thing, and the next day my job wasn’t as hard. It was easier to go into work. That one thing made the investment worth it. Never mind all the other help and support she’s provided along the way, which has continued to help me make my life better and better!

Dr. AC